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Geodetic measurements are the basis for border management. The procedure begins at the request of the owner, co-owner, or joint owner of the plot. During the process and based on graphic or numerical data, the cadastral boundary lines between two or more plots are marked out.

The figure shows the calculation of areas after the geodetic service.


In the boundary adjustment process, the boundary is adjusted between two or more plots whose owners agree to the procedure. There are several reasons for adjusting the boundaries (easier plot processing, access, etc.)


At the request of the owner of the plot, previously settled boundaries can be re-established. After marking the boundary in the field, a technical report is made and submitted to the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia.


Land allotment is a process in which one plot is divided into several parts at the request of the owner, and each newly created plot consequently receives a new plot number.

It is also possible to combine several plots into one in the allotment process. Plots must meet certain conditions (same cadastral municipality, charges, easement).

The picture shows the procedures for border management, land allotment and land registration for the building.


If a new or old building is not already listed in the building cadastre, this can be done during the procedure. The building is entered in the building cadastre and land is allotted to the building.

The information required for entering the building into the building cadastre includes the total area of all premises in the building and all parts thereof, the building dimensions, the number of storeys, the height of the terrain, the entrances, the ridges, the number of rooms and the usability of the premises.


In the process of allotting the land to the building, the exact square footage of the land under the building, the position in the national coordinate system and the object identification number are determined


· obtaining a house number,

· arrangement of ownership in the land register,

· real estate transactions such as sales, purchase, mortgage, etc.


Floor planning is the process of determining the size of a building, and the allocation or division of individual rooms to parts of the building. The design of a floor plan can be undertaken for both single-dwelling and multi-dwelling buildings. In addition to the entry of the building itself, a detailed plan of the building, with the layout, size and dimensions of individual rooms, can be drawn up at the request of the client.


After the house is completed, it is necessary to obtain a house number for the purposes of applying for it to be classed as a permanent residence. We can do this for you.


In order to obtain a house number, the facility must be entered in the building cadastre and entered in the land cadastre records. It can be obtained during the process of adding the facility to official records or in a separate procedure.


A land survey plan is needed to obtain project documentation before and after the construction of buildings (new buildings, additions, roads, bridges, tunnels).


The geodetic company and the customer for the land survey plan, when ordering the preparation of the land survey plan, agree on what data the land survey plan should contain depending on the purpose of using the plan, and determine the detail and accuracy of the displayed contents.


A land survey plan is also needed after the construction has been completed for the requirements of the construction of the project of the executed works, technical inspections of the facility, and for obtaining the operating permit.

The picture shows a land survey plan that was made for project documentation.


Projects must be set out before construction begins. Based on a valid building permit, the surveying technician transfers to the site the main characteristic points of the building that the builder needs for completion of the project.

There are two types of setting out process. For an estimated setting out procedure, the surveying technician uses markers to set out the outlines of the excavation for the building’s foundations. For a precise setting out procedure, however, they transfer the outlines of the project to the construction profiles.

After the setting out is completed, the surveying technician draws up a record thereof.


We have prepared a package of the surveying services needed before and after construction for anyone who is planning to build a house. Why engage an individual surveying service and pay more if you can arrange to have all the necessary surveying services provided in one package before the work begins? This will provide you with a comprehensive solution and a lower price.

Surveying services for house construction include:

  • border management,
  • surveying plan (for the purpose of obtaining project documentation),
  • building outline allotment and transfer of the building outline to building profiles,
  • a diagram of the power line from the distribution box to the electrical cabinet of the building,
  • details of works performed for the purpose of obtaining a valid technical inspection permit,
  • entering the building layout in the building cadastre,
  • determination of the land under the building,
  • obtaining a house number

Our offer also includes assistance in choosing a designer who will meet your requests and ideas. We can also manage and execute the project.

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