Engineering Geodesy

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The Geotočka team provides services for all types of construction projects in the field of engineering geodesy. Our experts provide support to your company in all segments of building construction from the setting out of the facility, monitoring of the facility during construction, and the execution of a plan of completed work at the end of the project, including the registration of all new utility lines in the cadastre of utility lines.


Years of experience in building roads, expressways and motorways have given us the ability to take road projects in the right direction. We will be a project partner on which you can rely. We will supply you with all the surveying services that you need to complete your project successfully.
  • setting out of roads, kerbs, noise barriers, embankments, excavations
  • measurements of road restoration or resurfacing
  • calculations of the quantities of excavations and embankments
  • elevation controls on newly constructed roadways


Every business has an area in which they feel most at home. For Geotočka, this is tunnels. Our team has actively participated in the construction or restoration of many tunnels. Due to the nature of the work and the precision required, tunnels have always been a major challenge for surveyors. In this field, Geotočka offers a complete solution for large diameter tunnels (roads, railways) and small diameter tunnels (hydroelectric power stations, ventilation shafts). (link gallery)

  • directing tunnel excavation
  • control of excavated primary support segments
  • real-time monitoring of 3D movement in the tunnel and on the surface
  • setting out procedures for concreting the secondary supports
  • calculations of quantities of overprofiles and underprofiles
  • tunnel restoration measurements


In addition to precision surveying, the specifics of our geodetic work on bridges also includes work at height. Our company has extensive experience in carrying out surveys for the purpose of building bridges and viaducts.

  • setting out of the pilings on which supporting columns are built
  • setting out the workshop for load-bearing areas of constructions
  • calculations regarding load-bearing areas
  • setting out of classic bridge construction
  • monitoring movements on these facilities
  • surveying for building restoration procedures


We also provide all the necessary geodetic work for the construction and renovation of:

  • industrial plants
  • sports facilities
  • multi-storey buildings
  • airports
  • sewage systems
  • walls
  • athletic stadiums
  • pilot walls
  • power lines
  • gas pipelines
  • water distribution lines

We also prepare complete studies for public infrastructure requirements.
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